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Generation Four

20. David4 Griffith (William3, William2, William1) was born on 21 Dec 1717 at Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.135 He married Eleanor (--?--).

Children of David4 Griffith and Eleanor (--?--) were as follows:

21. Nathaniel4 Griffith (Stephen3, William2, William1) was born on 28 Feb 1723 at Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.143 He married Molly Noble on 5 Aug 1746 at Wilton, Fairfield Co., CT.144

Children of Nathaniel4 Griffith and Molly Noble were as follows:

22. Elnathan4 Griffith (Stephen3, William2, William1) was born on 9 Feb 1725 at Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.148 He married Patience Burr, daughter of Jehu Burr and Sarah (--?--), on 26 Nov 1750 at Fairfield or Greenfield, Fairfield Co., CT.149 He died circa 1795 at Canaan, Columbia Co., NY.150

Children of Elnathan4 Griffith and Patience Burr were as follows:

23. Seth4 Griffith (Stephen3, William2, William1) was baptized on 23 Oct 1737 at Hardwick, Worcester Co., MA.163 He married Polly Wescott in 1756 at New Canaan, Fairfield Co., CT.164 He died before 1790 at Rensselaer Co., NY.165

Seth Griffith served in Aug. 1757 in Capt. Samuel Handford's Company from Norwalk, for 16 days.166

Children of Seth4 Griffith and Polly Wescott were as follows:

24. John4 Griffith (Samuel3, William2, William1) was born on 11 Feb 1724 at Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.180 He married Anna Jenney, daughter of Samuel Jenney and Jerusha Patterson, on 2 Nov 1748 at Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MA.181 He died before 1770.

Children of John4 Griffith and Anna Jenney were as follows:

25. Daniel4 Griffith (Samuel3, William2, William1) was born on 8 Jul 1726 at Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.183 He married Mary Edwards on 28 Sep 1749 at Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.184 He married Mary Aldrich, daughter of Jonathan Aldrich and Mary Wilson, on 4 Nov 1765.185 He died on 6 Mar 1814 at Laurens, Otsego Co., NY.186 He was buried at Griffith Cemetery, Laurens, Otsego Co., NY.

Children of Daniel4 Griffith and Mary Edwards were as follows:

Children of Daniel4 Griffith and Mary Aldrich were as follows:

26. Ephraim4 Griffith (Samuel3, William2, William1) was born on 25 Jul 1733 at Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.215,216 He married Mary Ellis, daughter of Seth Ellis and Mary Bumpus, on 10 Feb 1757 at Wareham, Plymouth Co., MA.217,218 He died in Dec 1823 at Carver, Plymouth Co., MA.219 He was buried at Union Cemetery, Carver, Plymouth Co., MA.

Most of their children were born in Rochester; they moved to Plympton [the South Meadow section, later incorporated as Carver] ca. 1773, and had at least two more children. They remained in Carver, and Ephraim is buried there. His gravestone says that his wife Mary Ellis died in Woodstock, VT.

In a letter written by Henry S. Griffith, for many years town clerk of Carver, MA, to Andrew W. Griffith of Wareham, dated 15 Feb. 1907, Ephraim and Mary are credited with the children shown below, but not two Lydias, as the first one apparently died in infancy. Another source, notes found in Henrietta Jessup Griffith's papers, indicates they also had a son Stephen, but this source does not include the son Ellis, and no other evidence has been found to indicate any son Stephen. In the Plymouth Church Records 1:461, a child of Ephraim Griffith and wife was baptized on 23 July 1775 "at the new meeting house at South Meadow". The 1790 Federal Census shows Ephraim Griffith of Carver with two males under 16 years of age in his family, suggesting that two boys were born after 1773, assumed to be Lot and Alden. The IGI (CD-ROM version) shows Lot born ca. 1774 and Alden born ca. 1776, but no source is cited.

For Ephraim's occupation, various deeds indicate carpenter, farmer, husbandman, and yeoman. Carpenter sounds most like an occupation, although husbandman is roughly equivalent to farmer, and yeoman is not much different than farmer. In those days, almost everyone was a farmer to some extent.

Ephraim Griffith did not leave a will, but disposed of his real property by deeds as follows: In two separate deeds, dated 12 April 1796, he gave to his two sons, Ephraim Jr. and Obed, "for love and good will" essentially equal parts of his homestead lands and other miscellaneous holdings. On the same date, Ephraim Jr. and Obed deeded back to Ephraim all of the above for his natural life, and one third to their mother, Mary, for her natural life, should she survive Ephraim [Plymouth Co. Deeds 81:267-269]. On 30 Nov. 1801, Ephraim and Mary sold all of their interest in these holdings back to Ephraim Jr. and Obed, for $350 each [Plymouth Co. Deeds 91:272-3, 92:267-8]; these later deeds have Alden Griffith as one of the witnesses.

Children of Ephraim4 Griffith and Mary Ellis were as follows:

27. William4 Griffith (Samuel3, William2, William1) was born on 2 Aug 1737 at Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.224 He married Martha Clemmonds circa 1759. He died after 1779.225

Children of William4 Griffith and Martha Clemmonds were as follows:

28. Desire4 Griffith (Samuel3, William2, William1) was born on 1 Feb 1745 at Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.231 She married John Briggs, son of Jedediah Briggs and Jedidah Ellis, on 27 Nov 1766 at Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.232 She died in 1825 at Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.

Children of Desire4 Griffith and John Briggs were as follows:

29. Joseph4 Griffith (Joseph3, Stephen2, William1) was born on 29 Apr 1735 at Harwich, Barnstable Co., MA.236,237 He married Thankful (--?--). He died on 7 Mar 1816 at Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., MA.238

Children of Joseph4 Griffith and Thankful (--?--) all born at Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., MA, were as follows:

30. Stephen4 Griffith (Stephen3, Stephen2, William1) was born on 17 Apr 1732 at Eastham, Barnstable Co., MA. He married Zilpah (--?--).245 He died after 1800.246

Children of Stephen4 Griffith and Zilpah (--?--) were:

31. Joshua4 Griffith (Stephen3, Stephen2, William1) was born on 21 Nov 1736 at Harwich, Barnstable Co., MA.247 He married Ruth Mayo, daughter of Richard Mayo and Rebecca Sparrow, on 19 Jul 1759 at Eastham, Barnstable Co., MA.248

Most likely one of the sons named Abraham is erroneously placed here. An extensive study of the Griffiths in the Haddam Connecticut area is needed.

Children of Joshua4 Griffith and Ruth Mayo were as follows:

32. Lazarus4 Griffith (Lazarus3, Stephen2, William1) was born on 5 Nov 1736 at Harwich, Barnstable Co., MA.255 He married Hannah (--?--) say 1771.

He enlisted in Capt. Richard Hulet's Company on 11 April 1758, at age 21, with his birthplace given as Cape Cod. He received a land grant in 1801 in Wentworth Co., Ontario.256,257

Children of Lazarus4 Griffith and Hannah (--?--) were as follows:

33. Barnabas4 Griffith (Barnabas3, Stephen2, William1) was born on 30 Jul 1754 at Harwich, Barnstable Co., MA.277 He married Rebecca Myrick on 23 Aug 1778 at Harwich, Barnstable Co., MA.278 He died on 24 Feb 1825 at Brewster, Barnstable Co., MA.279 He was buried at Brewster, Barnstable Co., MA.

Children of Barnabas4 Griffith and Rebecca Myrick all born at Harwich, Barnstable Co., MA, were as follows:

34. Jonathan4 Griffith (Aaron3, Jeremiah2, William1) was born on 13 May 1748 at Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA.291 He married Hannah Davol, daughter of Timothy Davol and Lydia Mosher, on 30 Jun 1771 at Nine Partners, Charlotte Precinct, Dutchess Co., NY.292 He died in 1834 at Grand Isle, Grand Isle Co., VT.293

He was of Nine Partners, Charlotte Precinct, Dutchess County, New York, when he, with his parents, executed a deed of 4 Nov. 1768, in which the heirs of Benjamin Hiller sell part of his estate (Plymouth Co. deeds 55:183).

Children of Jonathan4 Griffith and Hannah Davol were as follows:

35. Lemuel4 Griffith (James3, Jeremiah2, William1) was born on 22 Aug 1745 at Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MA.307,308 He married Elizabeth Potter on 13 Feb 1766 at Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MA.309 He died on 26 Mar 1818.310,311

They went to Danby in 1782. He was elected a representative to the Vermont state legislature in 1789.312

Children of Lemuel4 Griffith and Elizabeth Potter were as follows:

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