The land along this road was farmland when the Zinkes owned it. However, today in 2002 it has tall beautiful pine trees planted in even rows with beautiful moss covered ground beneath the trees. Benjamin & Nathaniel loved playing in the trees and walking the lanes along with their daddy (Randy Roberts) and Grammy (Karolyn Roberts). When the Zinkes arrived in the Wisconsin Dells area, the main crop was hops. Dorothy Zinke Roberts as a little girl would walk over the fields with her brothers and sisters to go to school. On the way, they had to crawl under a bobwire fence and Dorothy would purposely tear any dress she didn't like on that bobwire fence so as not to have to wear it again. She said she had many dresses and her mother never scolded her for this act.

by Karolyn Rae Roberts

Information may contain errors as this is a search for the truth of the August Zinke Family.

Picture of Silver Lake Cemetery Entrance taken by Karolyn Roberts where Robert Zinke and others are buried. Location is on Cemetery Road in Portage, WI. Across the road is Oak Grove Cemetery where Frank & Bertha Zinke are buried as well as other Zinkes.

AZ - AUGUST WILHELM ZINKE b3/19/1814 Alt Wuhrow,Pommern,Preussen (Family Search) Prussia - d11/25/1891 - m11/24/1867 Portage,Columbia,WI (FamilySearch) Dorothea Louise Wilke b7/31/1820/1814 Portage,Columbia,WI (FamilySearch) - d10/21/1871-Resided in City of Portage, WI, (Fifth Ward) - Note: August had owned a large Tailor Shop in Germany. He owned the one balse-oven in the small community and the neighbors brought their loaves of bread and baked them in his oven. August was an ultra-stylish, stern, arrogant gentleman who was always stylishly dressed and always carried a fine walking stick more for style than the usual use, age. He was always seen (after his wife Dorthea died) with his friend, a wealthy man, who had a daughter whom the two gentleman thought was a fine match for Herman Zinke, son of August. But, Herman had other plans. (Info. From letter written to David & Diane Zinke from Gertrude contributed by Lauranne Bailey, 3/1999) - 1870 U.S. Census, Columbia, Portage, Ward5 states that August Cinke is 56 and a laborer, Dora is 49, Frank is 18, Emma is 16, Herman is 11. - 1880 U.S. Census, WI,Columbia,Portage,Dist. 35 lists August as living at home, a widower, age 66, born in Prussia, and his parents born in Prussia.

Stories handed down, how true to the real facts we do not know, but usually a truth or two is embedded in the stories. Old Man Zinke (August or Julius) had a picture of Hazer Wilhelm over the fireplace in their home as well as a sword with engraving on it. August has been referred to in an undesirable way by relatives because of his sterness and arrogancy. This line of Zinkes is supposed to be descended from the Kaisers Court of Noble blood lines. It was handed down that they left the country of Prussia due to fueds back and forth with other countries trying to over run Prussia. (Told to Lois Reetz by her aunt)

And yet another story: A Zinke descendant has visited Germany and did research on the Zinkes. Hitler hadn't been very well liked, and he was put into a position where they could keep an eye on him, and he managed to climb to the top. In the voting of his getting to a higher position, a Zinke cast a negative vote, which meant this Zinke had a good position within the Prussian government I would suppose. When he came into power and overtook the country of Prussia which became a part of Germany, many Zinkes lost their lives in the Holocaust. (Told to Suzanne Zinke Crist)

Credits: Dorothy Zinke Roberts, Gerald Lee Roberts, Karolyn Roberts, Kenneth Zinke, Harold E. Rihn, Lauranne Bailey, Suzanne Zinke Linton, & Suzanne Crist.

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