James Eagleson
3268 Golf Drive
San Jose, CA 95127
Phone: 408-251-3383
 or   408-254-3266
cell phone:  408-910-0175
Call 7AM - 9PM Pacific Time

I have worked in a variety of electronics environments including:    
                                             Dept. of Defense
Radio Broadcasting
This work has included equipment at:
 65 - 250 kHz, 13.56 MHz, VHF, UHF, 915 MHz, 2450 MHz (2.4 GHz), 4 & 10 GHz.

It involved
AM, FM, Digital, Linear Modulation(ACSSB), SSB, and CW modes.

I have designed or developed:
Receivers (RX), Transmitters (TX), Tranceivers (XCVR), Modulators, PLL Circuitry, Video, Audio, Antennas (LF, VHF, UHF), Power Conditioning and A/D interface circuits.

This has included industrial grade mechanical packaging and design for reliability.
My background includes:
Research & Development
Component Level Design,
HW System Level Design
HW Systems Engineering & Integration
Bench and Field Service & Troubleshooting
Customer Service & Support
Equipment Prototyping through to Production
Quality Assessment of Vendors and Product
Surface mount & leaded PC Board Design and Layout (RF)  
Technical Drawing
Writing of Users Manuals
Writing of Engineering, Production, & QA Documentation
Performing FCC Part 15 and Part 95 Testing and Submissions
Some FDA clinical trial HW, DVT, and failure analysis.

SAVI Technology , Sunnyvale, CA (present employer)

Sr. HW Systems Engineer:  Design RFID systems to match customer requirements using SAVI and other vendors RFID equipment, networks, and software.

TheraSense, Oakland, CA (1 year, contract position)

Temporary Position:  Various Design Validation Testing, Clinical Trial Support, Documentation, Test Procedure development and implementation for a Wireless Glucose Monitoring Transmitter and Receiver.  Aided in setting up an Anechoic Chamber.  FCC Certification of products.  Also performed prototype testing and preparation of the PC Board Assembly of a new Glucose Meter.

SAVI Technology , Sunnyvale, CA (2.5 years)

Systems Engineer:  Design RFID systems to match customer requirements using SAVI and other vendors RFID equipment, networks, and software. 

This includes Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) and Department of Defense (DOD) installations. 

It also includes custom antenna design at HF (loop antennas) and UHF (Yagi antennas). 

Patent for a primary RFID product of Savi (see EchoPoint on www.savi.com).  

Performed Wireless LAN (WLAN) implementation at a project level including setting security features and system evaluation and troubleshooting in a 400 unit system.

R.F. Technologies , Milwaukee, WI  (5 years)

Senior RF Design Engineer: RF Identification Equipment, Bed & Chair Alarms, Perimeter Alarms, and TV Monitoring for the health care industry.

I had primary rf design responsibilities for projects in the frequency range between 30 KHz to 1 GHz.

The company  grew from $3M / 50 employees when I joined to more than $12M / 90-plus employees when I left 5 years later in 1999.  About 1/3rd of the sales of RFT were based on Patent 5,793,290 "Area Security System" which I helped define and implement.

AES , Milwaukee, WI  (1 year, temporary)

Service Technician, HF, VHF, UHF AM/SSB/CW/FM transceivers 3-150W, HT's, receivers, commercial two way radios. (This was temporary employment while looking for RF positions in Milwaukee area.. an uncommon commodity in that region.)

Allen-Bradley Company , Milwaukee, WI  (6 years)

Senior Development Engineer: R & D, circuit design, field support, production support for RF Identification equipment operating at 915 / 1830 MHz and using RS232 / 422 & DH485 communications. This equipment is still used in heavy industrial environments such as automobile manufacturing and the RFID tags survive temperatures up to 220 degrees Celsius.

  IDX , Inc., Santa Cruz, CA  (6 years)

Senior RF Design Engineer for RFID circuitry for livestock, rail, transit, and industrial applications. This included foundational R & D for passive (batteryless) UHF RFID tags, system and product development, production support, product application and customization to meet specific customer needs.

IDX was purchased by Allen-Bradley and moved to Milwaukee in 1989.

My work on this equipment was primarily at 915 and 1830 MHz plus baseband and included receiver and transmitter(5W) circuitry at 1830 and 915 MHz, respectively.  

It also included RFID tag design and reader antenna design at these frequencies (dipole, yagi, patch, and horn antennas).  

I participated in significant field work at customer sites throughout the U.S., Canada, and South Africa to help define customer needs and to appropriately implement the system.  This included bus, railroad, auto assembly plant, and production line application of RFID products.  

KLM Electronics, Morgan Hill, CA  
Senior Development Technician, Customer Service Manager, TVRO Line Foreman, Purchasing.

Performed incoming QA & tune up of  VHF & UHF Multimode radios.
I handled customer requests, repair scheduling and did service repairs for KLM's VHF and UHF transceivers.
Performed FCC Type Acceptance for Commercial VHF & UHF Amplifiers.
Designed a relay switched,VHF preamp for use in a 140W power amplifier.
Designed an internal, low noise UHF to VHF downconverter for a Multimode transceiver.
Designed a 35W power amplifier with low noise preamp and an audio booster amplifier for use with Handheld FM transceivers.
I wrote customer service manuals and application notes
I handled component purchasing for the Power Amplifier and TVRO assembly lines.
I was line manager for both the TVRO and Power Amplifier assembly lines.

SBE, Inc (Sideband Engineers), Watsonville, CA
Engineering Technician, Service Technician
Serviced CB, Amateur, and Commercial (two-way) radios including AM, FM, SSB units, Power Inverters (500W), and Power Amplifiers (100W).  

I performed Engineering prototyping, evaluation, and FCC type acceptance for 10 models of SBE CB radios including AM & SSB units.  This included some of the earliest PLL-based radios.


           FCC First Class Radiotelephone license.

           Radio Amateur Advanced Class license.

          Chief Engineer, KOMY-am (Watsonville, CA), and KSJS-fm (San Jose, CA)

          Station operator, KEAR-fm, San Francisco including on site recording for broadcast.

          Production for Family Radio, San Francisco (now located in Oakland, CA).

          Sound Technician, Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center, Summer 1966, 1968.  

    Short Courses:
o RF Fundamentals(refresher Besser 2002)
o Web Site Development(Self-Study 1998-present)
o Design for EMI/EMC(UWM 1997)
o Protel PCB Layout(Protel 1996)
o ANSI 'C' Language(WCTC 1995)
o T1 Carrier systems(WCTC 1993)
o Intro./Advanced PLCs(WCTC 1993)
o PLC Basics(Allen-Bradley 1992)
o PLC5 Part 1(Allen-Bradley 1992)
o Designing for ESD/EMI(Ott 1991)
o Antenna Design Seminar(Milligan 1991)
o Digital Electronics(WCTC 1991)
o Oscillator Design Seminar(Besser 1991)
o RF Fundamentals(Besser 1990)
o Advanced RF Fundamentals(Besser 1990)
o CAD/CAE in RF Design(Besser 1990)
    Computer Skills:
          o MS Excel, MS Project, MS Power Point
          o MS Word, Word Perfect, HTML,  CSS
          o Design CAD, AutoCad (2D), Turbo Cad
          o RF CAD: Star, ARRL Designer(Compact), WIN Smith, RFSim
          o Protel (PCB Layout/Schematic Capture)
          o Antenna Optimizer (AO) and NEC-Win Pro(NEC2)
          o Orinoco Wireless LAN Client & Access Point software